I Want To Be A Cat Manga T-Shirt
I Want To Be A Cat Manga T-Shirt


I Want To Be A Cat Manga T-Shirt

Shop your favorite Aesthetic I Want To Be A Cat Manga T-Shirt Online. There's no use to denying it: Everybody wants to be a cat. They've got it made, and there's really no point denying it any longer. For those ready to finally admit their deepest desires, sport this I Want To Be A Cat Manga 😻 T-Shirt proudly!

For those times when you're too busy stretching out in the sun to respond to your friends questioning, there's finally a shirt that can do all the speaking for you. Complete with a sassy manga print as well as Japanese text and an English translation, there's no room for confusion with this cute 😚 piece.

Pair this fantastic monochromatic piece with an undying love of animals, a fierce passion for manga, and your favorite casual outfit -- preferably your tried and true favorite denim.

Perfect for days in the sun or evenings on the prowl, this shirt will keep you feeling comfortable all day every day with the super soft, and breathable, cotton material. Available in sizes from S to XL, everyone can find a size that works for them and rock this I Want To Be A Cat 💕 tee like it's nobody's business!